Aquavitex reveals its agriculture range


Now it is the turn of farmers, winegrowers, livestock breeders, landscapers etc. to be equipped with Aquavitex’s innovative and resistant clothing.

Exposed to the vagaries of the weather, the agricultural world is demanding for its work clothing. Aquavitex has heard these demands and offers innovative waterproof workwear!

Aquavitex’s first innovation was to design a cleaning suit with boots. Guaranteed waterproofness from head to toe. This cleaning suit will be the ally of farmers for high-pressure cleaning work, or of winegrowers and gardeners during spraying campaigns. No more water infiltration as Aquavitex boots are high frequency welded to the suit to make one piece. As usual, Aquavitex has added all the comfort to this professional protective clothing: elastic waist to adapt to the morphology but also to the movements, hood that follows the rotation of the head without hindering the field of vision, flap on the zip to perfect the waterproofness…


After the yellow oilskin for sailors: the green one for farmers

Perfect to face the rain, the Aquavitex waxed jacket is really long. As a result, your lower back is always protected, regardless of your position. Ideal for farm work, this green raincoat, which comes in yellow, blue, white and grey, is also perfect for hunting. Waterproof pockets, hood that follows the movements of the head… the Aquavitex signature!



The featherweight of the agriculture range: waterproof, resistant and ultra-light rain boots.

The animals at the International Agricultural Show may be dry, but the majority of agricultural work is done outdoors, in all weathers. It is therefore essential to have good shoes. Aquavitex has designed a pair of ultra-light rain boots, a featherweight in its class with comfort right down to the toe. Aquavitex has added a removable sock, which can be washed, to enable it to withstand extreme temperatures down to -30°C


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