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A selection of AQUAVITEX protective equipment specialising in aquaculture and marine sectors
Specially manufactured for the professions of the aquaculture and marine industries, our rainwear and protective equipment is suitable for intensive use. Abrasion resistant, the equipment prevent any infiltration. Thus, the items are waterproof and appropriate for the professions related to this sector. The equipment is also cut and tear resistant.

The products are innovative and considerably increase working comfort. Professionals are comfortable in their environments with our practical and comfortable AQUAVITEX protective gear. The collection is available to all professionals and individuals. It remains ideal for aquaculture professions such as oyster, mussel or fish farmers.

Discover our safety chest waders, known as the most innovative and resistant one on the market!

160,00 HT
105,00 HT


Ciré marin

A partir de 95,00 HT
245,00 HT
A partir de 85,00 HT
95,00 HT

Agri-food industry

PVC apron with shoulder straps

39,00 HT
130,00 HT
205,00 HT
A partir de 90,00 HT
79,00 HT
A partir de 55,00 HT
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Waterproof sleeves

22,00 HT
69,00 HT

Agri-food industry

Ultra light waterproof apron

26,00 HT