Created in 2015 by an entrepreneur from Nantes, Aquavitex is the new French brand of waterproof gear and clothing for professionals.

Nantes is a city close to the sea and the agricultural world, less than 100km from Guérande, known for its famous “fleur de sel” (a fine sea salt), and bordering Brittany, a historically agricultural region. We are therefore close to our partners who help us design our products so they can accurately meet their needs.

The story of Aquavitex began with an observation: the market for waterproof clothing for professionals was no longer adapted to their working conditions. Indeed, all the professions of the sea, fishermen, fishmongers or oyster farmers had evolved. The conditions for farmers, market gardeners and winegrowers are also getting tougher. It is time to offer them protective gear appropriate for professional use: resistant, practical and comfortable clothing.

The first step was to meet those concerned about this issue: the professionals of the sea and the land. Aquavitex is the result of a year’s work, spent going up and down the French coast, meeting the men and women who have contributed to the development of the brand’s innovative products.

Each product has specific innovations to meet the needs of professionals. At Aquavitex, our first concern is to listen to the users and learn from their working conditions. This research and listening work allows us to offer you innovative, highly resistant and weatherproof equipment!

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