Breton Seafood Retailer Competition


Aquavitex rewards the best Breton seafood retailers!

The description of the profession

The seafood retailer is a bit like the seafood manager. He/she orders, receives and controls the seafood supplies of an establishment: restaurant or group of restaurants.

He/she is also the one who will prepare your tray of oysters and shellfish.

In addition to a perfect knowledge of seafood, the job of seafood retailer requires many other skills:precision of technical gestures, speed of execution, while being pleasant with customers.

Finally, in direct contact with consumers, the seafood retailer remains the best marketer of seafood.

Regional and French championships

The French seafood retailer championship is an opportunity to honour this profession and the shellfish farming industry.

The Regional Shellfish Competitions ensure the selection of the 14 competitors under the watchful eye of the Regional Shellfish Committees.

This Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 will take place the Breton seafood retailer competition under the organization of the Regional Shellfish Committee of Bretagne-Nord. The aim is to select the best of the seafood retailer, fishmongers or shellfish farming professionals working in Brittany to compete in the 2016 French Seafood Retailer Championship.

There are 2 tests to decide between the candidates. The first is the speed test where you have to open 50 hollow oysters and 50 flat oysters in less than 15 minutes without hurting yourself.

The second test requires calmness and precision as it consists of setting up a tray of 12 hollow oysters, 6 flat oysters, 6 mussels and other shellfish.

Aquavitex rewards the 3 finalists!

The 3 finalists of the Breton Seafood Retailer Competition each received a self-tightening apronand a pair of Aquavitex boots.


The winner of this competition is Tiphaine Seguin, seafood retailer at the restaurantLa Maison de l’Océan, in Brest, the second title goes to his colleague Allan Guiriec. And finally the third finalist, Pierre Pichot, comes from the oyster industry in Cancale and is co-manager of the St Kerber oyster beds.

Tutorial to know how to open oysters properly!

Follow Tiphaine Seguin’s video advice to open your oysters like a pro!

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