Juliette Labrosse,fishmonger, new Aquavitex ambassador

Aquavitex, a French brand created by Jean-Philippe AUNIS, is constantly striving to improve the daily life of all professionals working in the land, sea and agri-food sectors.

Today we introduce you our new ambassador, Juliette Labrousse, fishmonger in Langon in Aquitaine. As a loyal supporter of Aquavitex products, we are proud to have her among our new ambassadors.

For sanitary reasons, we were unable to visit the Labrousse fish market. We spoke to Juliette by phone to find out more about her and her work. This is how the interview started:

Aquavitex: Hi Juliette, could you please briefly tell us about your company?

Juliette: Of course. The Labrousse fishmonger’s is a company established since 1871 in Langon in Aquitaine. To us, the fish shop is a family business! It has been passed down from son to daughter or daughter to daughter for six generations. At the moment, my sister and I are the fishmongers. I am also associated with my father, Benoit Labrousse, who is the manager of our company.

Aquavitex : What does a fishmonger do?

Juliette : We specialise in retailing only at markets. So we sell fish from ecologically responsible and local fishing. We fish off the coasts of Royan, La Cotonnière, Arcachon and Les Sables d’Olonne. Our main customers are private individuals and occasionally restaurant owners with whom we collaborate. We provide them with quality products, mainly oysters or fish. In this way, restaurateurs will be able to work and cook dishes with fresh products.

See the sleeves

Aquavitex : What motivated you to become a full-time fishmonger?

Juliette : I have always known and lived in the fish industry since I was a child When my grandparents ran the shop, we lived above the old outlet. It was my father who then developed the markets while my grandfather organised truck tours in the surrounding villages. Now we are mainly focusing on our market activity. So, having always grown up in the fishmonger’s world and always being motivated to become a fishmonger, it was natural to me. Plus, I love being in contact with the customers and the festive spirit of the markets.

Aquavitex : Why did you want to become an ambassador for Aquavitex?

Juliette : I had the opportunity to talk with Jean-Philippe AUNIS who told me about the creation of the brand Aquavitex and how it operates.

I discovered a French and quality brand that listens to its users.

We use this waterproof personal protective equipment every morning, we equipped ourselves with a fishmonger apron and waterproof sleeves. Gloves are also very useful to protect us from the cold when working with ice. But the AQUAVITEX comfort apron is still our favourite item, as we work in the water on a regular basis and this product provides perfect protection and is very comfortable. The adjustable cross-over straps prevent our necks from getting sore! What is pleasant is to work with a French brand, that renew itself day after day to always improve its products and meet our expectations, as professionals.

See the PVC apron with shoulder straps

This is how the interview ends, and Juliette returns to her work. You can find the Labrousse fishmonger’s on the markets of Langon, Balizac, Illats and Cadillac.

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