New international export partner


After having conquered Nantes, the Breton coasts, the Arcachon basin… Aquavitex is determined to see further than France, thanks to a distribution and export partnership with Intermas.

A multi-skilled partner, present on 5 continents and in 70 countries.

Number 1 on the extruded mesh market, the Intermas Group is present on 5 continents, representing 70 countries. Founded in 1957, this key actor is now recognised throughout Europe by market gardeners, horticulturists, oyster farmers, farmers, etc. At the heart of its offer is the mesh that it produces on 5 industrial sites, at a rate of 60,000 tonnes per year.

Intermas is developing in 6 areas: aquaculture, agriculture, industry, packaging, gardening and construction.

Intermas Aquaculture offers shellfish farmers, oyster farmers and mussel farmers a wide range of products: from bags to protective mesh, packaging and shading. In the process of product development, fish farming will soon find an offer adapted to its needs.

Intermas Agriculture meets the needs of the agricultural world, from livestock farming (protection of fodder, crops and livestock buildings, etc.) to the protection and growth of plants with sleeves.

Intermas Gardening provides screens and fences for elegantly delineated exteriors.

A first presence in Rotterdam

The meeting with Aquavitex took place during the The Shellfish and Marine Culture Show of Vannes, in September. A first meeting, first exchanges, common points… Intermas leaves with Aquavitex products that will be presented in Rotterdam during Aquaculture Europe 2015, which took place from 20 to 23 October 2015.

Aquaculture Europe is the annual conference organised by the European Aquaculture Society. Exhibitors from more than 60 countries gathered in Rotterdam to present and share the latest knowledge in the aquaculture industry.

Marine professionals have taken the Aquavitex bait: the products have been a great success.

Seduced by the products and their success, Intermas wishes to continue the adventure beyond a simple exhibition.

The next step for the international group is to become a distributor and exporter of the new Nantes-based brand Aquavitex. Intermas therefore plans to sell yellow oilskins, self-tightening aprons and Aquavitex jackets through its distribution network. Aquavitex waterproof technical clothing, until now sold on the website or directly by our sales staff, will soon be available in shops.

The brand from Nantes will be get itself talked about…I promise!

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