Double coated food apron

39,00 HT

Waterproof apron made of double PVC coated fabric 500 gr to M2. This food apron has been designed to offer more comfort and reduce the strain on the user. Equipped with two straps that cross at the back, this one-size-fits-all apron adjusts to your body shape. The weight is distributed over the shoulders: no more aprons that squeeze the abdomen and pull on the neck! It is very simple to position and can be removed just as easily by unclipping the straps. Very popular with users in all areas of aquaculture, oyster farming as well as fishmongers.

In order to protect itself perfectly, it is also suitable for use in the catering industry as a dishwasher.

It has an inside pocket to hold small accessories or your smartphone

One size fits all (adujstable).

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