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Innovative and resistant AQUAVITEX products to protect your body effectively.
Designed for effective body protection, AQUAVITEX has developed highly resistant waterproof products. In line with professionals’ demands, our company has started to manufacture innovative equipment to increase the working comfort of professionals.

Our products can be used by all professionals who need body protection, both in the field of waterproof protection and mechanical protection. We offer products such as chest waders, marine oilskins, bib and braces overalls and many other products. These items can be used in the sector of professional fishing, agri-food industry, aquaculture and agriculture.

A partir de 95,00 HT


Ciré marin

A partir de 95,00 HT


Long raincoat

A partir de 120,00 HT
245,00 HT
A partir de 85,00 HT
39,00 HT
95,00 HT

Agri-food industry

PVC apron with shoulder straps

39,00 HT
49,00 HT