Washable and reusable protective mask with active coal filter

49,00 HT

Washable and reusable breathing protective mask with active coal filters for professionals. Its two adjustable velcro straps allow it to adapt perfectly to your face shape. It is available in two sizes. This protective mask protects you and others from viruses and bacteria as it does not have a valve. Its airtight composition in neoprene fabric guarantees a high quality of protection while being very easy to handle. Without impeding your breathing, this PPE ensures great comfort for the user thanks to its large filtration surface.

It is also used by professionals in mountain sports such as skiing. It also protects against the cold and serves as a nose cover.

This breathing protective mask complies with A2P3 standards. It filters 99.95% of particles. It is weatherproof and can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

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