Professional RS marine oilskin

105,00 HT

This professional RS Oilskin jacket is a protective gear adapted to the sea, land and agri-food industry. It is particularly appreciated by professionals in the aquaculture sector (oyster farmers, sailors, fishermen, etc.). Highly resistant to cuts and the risk of abrasion, this oilskin is designed with a PVC fabric for extreme robustness over time. To improve its visibility at sea and/or at work, the jacket is designed in an intense orange colour. Despite its robustness, the equipment remains flexible and optimises the working comfort of professionals. Waterproof, this oilskin protects against extreme weather conditions and keeps aquaculture professionals warm.

Aquavitex is constantly innovating products adapted to professionals; this oilskin jacket is designed for men but also for women. The oilskin has been designed to withstand intensive use. This equipment is waterproof with an ergonomic hood to adapt to the professional to optimize his visibility and his different head movements.

Download the technical sheet of the oilskin jacket